From a lovely day

Annie and I tooks a few nice photos while on the way home. Some were of my mom and dad’s flowers, and one was a lovely sky shot that I pulled over to take. She asked that I post them. So, here you go, Annie. Just for you! 😉




As for my knitting, there has been some, just a pair of ankle socks. Other than that, I have been working on costumes. I am currently working on a dress from 1955 for the 3rd Annual Tipsy Tea hosted by The Emerald Parlor. You can see my costume work at Just Blame Jane. Until later…. Happy Knitting!



Frog or Finish!

Sitting in the office this morning, browsing through the recent Knit Picks catalog with Miss Amy, I came to a realization. I have way too many projects on the needles. lol. This realization came when we were discussing how many set of interchangables we have. I quick mental check told me that all my cables were full, and 8+ cables with projects sitting on them tells me have too many projects that have been neglected. So, as part of my New Years cleaning and rearranging, I have decied to go through all my WIP’s and decided what I’m going to finish, and what I’m going to frog.  I know that there are some projects that are to far along to frog, which means I’ll just have to finish them (my Modern Log Cabin blanket and my St. Brigid sweater), while others have just been started and forgotten. Those need to go. lol. I guess this is what happens when one has a lack of knitting mojo, and then slides over to the sewing world for a while. Anywho! I’ll try to take some pics to post, since it’s been beyond boring around here. 😉

Well… I guess it’s time to dust and clear away the cobwebs sitting in this corner of my blogoshere. lol. It seems that with the on set of last spring, my knitting mojo flew north for the summer. 😉 With the beginning of our costuming season, I just had no urge to knit, what so ever. I had bad knitter syndrome. I left several projects to languish in dark baskets and corners, forgotten about, and not to see the light of day until the weather cooled off, again. But, the spring, summer and early fall saw some very lovely costumes. We had the EP’s Victorian themed Tipsy Tea in May, the EP’s 3rd Annual Regency Picnic in September and (even though we didn’t wear them) some lovely Victorian costumes for the Old West Festival in early October. Miss PJ and I did wear them for trick or treat with the kids, so it wasn’t a total loss. You can see all of those adventures over on my costume blog Just Blame Jane.

As for my knitting mojo, that seems to have returned in full force with the dropping tempratures. With the approaching Holidays, my fingers have been flying to crank out a few small gifts. Nothing major, just some small items that I know will be appreciated and used. Plus, it seems like everyone is popping out babies around the circle of friends of family. Since October, there have been 4 girls and 1 boy born. But, I’m not knitting for everyone. My neighbor had her first baby on my wedding anniversary, and Katie’s new aunts had her’s about a week later. Both were girls. I have been knitting on a few items that are always essential for tiny ones. For each girl, I have cranked out 4 burp clothes, a flower shaped hat, and I am still working on a little baby kimono jacket for each. One is done, except for the ribbon tie, and I will be casting on for the other, hopefully, at lunch today. That is, unless my illness overtakes me again, and I go home early like I did yesterday. Blah. As far as my languishing projects, I won’t be able to touch any of them until after all the gift knitting is finished. Once I can get back to them, I still have my St. Brigid sweater, and my Modern Log Cabin blanket. I found that the socks I started in March needed to be frogged, as the first sock was too tight. Oops! That’s what I get for not knitting for so long. lol. I hope to post some pics of my work soon, as I will have a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving (of which I am on call. Blah!). So, that means more knitting, and the Christmas tree gets put up this weekend. I’ll probably haul out all the Christmas dishes, too, just to make the house festive. So, until later….. Happy Knitting!

Neglected in a corner

I have really neglected my poor knitting blog. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been knitting. But, in all fairness, I haven’t been sewing either. Lately, I have been running after a teenager getting ready for her trip to Disney with the marching band (lucky kid! she leaves next week), and a sick 4th grader. I got to spend my St. Patrick’s Day evening in an Urgent Care, when I would rather have been in a pub. But, such is the life of a mother. (sigh) On top of all of that, my daily commute has gotten longer. Due to 3 (yes, 3) bridge repairs, I now have 3 detours I have to take to get everywhere I need to be. That has added roughly 10 miles extra to my 65+ mile commute. Thank you, Great State of Ohio for planning the repair of the bridges in my route, all at the same time! In the little spare time I have, I have been doing some hand embroidery, just to try out a few things for a sewing project I have going. But, I may get the chance to knit this weekend. After I clean the house, and run arrands, we will have company, and company that has recently learned to knit. lol. Cassi will be over this weekend. Just before Christmas, she picked up knitting. She thought it would be a great hobby, as she was switching jobs that involves a lot of travel, and I mean a lot of travel. What better hobby to have when you have fly every week? So, that means I will need to get my butt down to the sewing room, get the hanging clothes rack that fell off the wall back up, and get it straightened out. Since the sewing room has been in place, us ladies have retreated down there to watch tv and knit, leaving the living room to the boys. That being said, I may want to go down there this evening and start cleaning up, since I started rearranging and never finished last month. lol. And speaking of rearranging. Last month when I started, I went and bought a rolling cart that has 3 drawers for my sock and dishcloth yarn. It looks very nice, if a little over stuffed. I didn’t think I had that much sock yarn. Oops. I will have to take pics and post them.  So, in the mean time, to all of those out there that are still knitting, Happy Knitting!

Divide and Conquer

Let me just say that the EP 1st Annual Costume Ball was a blast! We had such a good time. We had plenty of food and wine (sparkling grape juice for the kiddies). We had Mozart playing the background. It was just so much fun. That being said, I have decided to better serve my two favorite hobbies, and to declutter this blog, I have started one for my sewing projects. This blog is Just Blame Jane. Go take a peek, it’s a fun read, if I do say so myself. 😉

Now, for my knitting! lol. I was able to pick back up the Lacy Cocoon Sweater, and knock out several rows. However, I found that my tension went wonky, and it was starting to look like crap. So, I have frogged it, and will be starting it over again this weekend, with the addition of a provisional cast on. That way, I can do a three needle bind off on both ends, instead of seaming, and it leaves live stitches for the cuffs as well. And, since my sewing is done for a few weeks, and all I need to do is clean and organize the sewing room, I should be able to sneak in lots of knitting time. Especially since the sewing room is in the basement, and I have a loveseat and a tv with cable and a dvd player. Other than that, I am still working on my Embossed Leaves socks. I know, it’s taking me forever to knit socks lately. But, since they are mainly my lunch knitting project, they will take a while. Other than that, life is good!

Happy Knitting!

You thought I was going to say roses, huh? Well, after taking a look, this week, at all my current projects (knittng and sewing), I have noticed a trend. A color trend. Everything I am working on, the main color is green, in some shade or other. Here, I’ll show you:

St. Brigid in Evergreen

Project # 1: My St. Brigid sweater in the KP’s WotA Evergreen colorway. Now, I have been working on this project for well over a year. It has been tossed the back burner for some many other projects. I will be picking this back up after the Emerald Parlor 1st Annual Costume Ball, which is next Saturday, Feb. 19th. Otherwise, I fear she may languish in my WIP basket forever.

Ivy Embossed Leaves

Project # 2: Embossed Leaves socks in KP’s Ivy Essential Kettle Hand-dye colorway (Essential is now known as Stroll). I have found that I must have socks back on the needles, for the portable project. And, because I need more hand knit socks. I am just about finished with the first sock. It’s taking me a little longer than usual to knit them, as I have confined my knitting time to my lunch hour.

Lacy Cocoon Sweater

Project # 3: The Lacy Cocoon Sweater kit from Knit Picks. I was very taken with this kit when I saw it in the catalog. I’m very glad I ordered it. But, I haven’t touched it since I casted on for it, as I am afraid I will only want to knit it, and not touch my sewing projects that have a deadline looming.

1770's Polonaise

Project # 4: My 1770’s Polonaise for the 1st Annual Costume Ball. This is a gown that I have wanted to make since we started sewing costumes, back in the day. This was the first design I had picked out for my wedding dress. The fabric I lucked into finding in Amish country over a year ago. It is just about done, which is a good thing, as I have to wear it next weekend.

And last, but not least:

Annie's Federal Gown/Robe a l'anglaise

Project # 5: Annie’s gown for the ball. Her favorite color is green, and since she is 10, we went with the pale mint green and pale pink combo. Her gown is to the same point mine is. It just needs hemmed and trimmed.

So, as you can see, green has sorta taken over my crafting life.  I’m not sure about my next knitting projects, but my next sewing project is for The Emerald Parlor’s 2nd Annual Ladies’ Tipsy Tea. That will be a navy and silver Victorian gown. I can’t wait to get started on that one.

*To see more of my sewing adventures, with my parnter in crime and co-blogger, visit The Emerald Parlor.

Happy Thursday, everyone! How is everyone on the bright and bitterly cold day? Well, the kids are back in school, work is almost back to normal (we have computers today, and most places are able to make pick ups and deliveries), and I am moving along on a couple of projects, one in knitting and one in sewing. And, today I have pictorial proof of the knitting! Just have a peek:

Ivy Embossed Leaves

I am just about done with the leg of the first sock. With all my sewing projects for the Federal Ball, I have been trying to limit my knitting to my lunch hour. But with the ice storm we had on Tuesday evening, I found myself on the couch knitting, rather than in the sewing room in the basement. For this pair, I am using some of the old Knit Picks Essentials Kettle Hand Dyed, in the Ivy color way. I thought that if I knitted a pair of Emobssed Leaves in the lovely shade of green, then maybe spring would try to hurry up and come back. lol. But, after knitting a few pairs of socks for Christmas, I have realized that I really miss knitting socks. That, and either my dog or my house have ate all of my other pairs of hand knitted socks. Oh, and I noticed the other day, while I was on Rav, that 3 of my 4 current knitting projects are green. I wonder if my subconscious is trying to tell me that I don’t really like winter as much as I think. I will admit that I love winter, it’s very pretty, as long as I can look at it from inside my warm house! lol. Ok, well, I guess I should get back to work now, huh? Until next time, Happy Knitting & Sewing!